About Us

Wedding videographers dedicated to crafting beautiful films


White Orchard is a premiere wedding video company based in Dublin. Built from the desire to offer the best wedding films across Ireland, our team of video production specialists work together to deliver an experience you’ll never forget. Your wedding day is a momentous event that only happens once in your life! Its our job to ensure the whole day is captured in full and preseved forever by creating a wedding film you’ll fall in love with.

Video is our passion, its not our job. We love creating films that bring joy to our couples allowing them to relive their wedding day all over again and perhaps even shedding a tear or two.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

- Dr. Seuss

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy here at White Orchard is very simple. Create stunning wedding films while maintaining a low profile. Lets be honest, not many people enjoy having a camera pointed at them! The best reactions and moments are captured when people are being themselves and acting naturally. We strive to capture amazing shots while allowing the attendees of your wedding to sit back and enjoy the day. The ends results are often beautiful with natural moments caught on film and edited into something magical.


Our Expertise

Wedding Video Production

Our primary wedding video service. Through years as films makers and video production specialists across various fields we can say with confidence that we know a thing or two about creating great looking images. Wedding videos are something we are extremely passionate about and each and every one we craft is made with care and great attention to detail. All of our experience culminates into making the best possible wedding films for our clients.

Wedding Photography

We are very fortunate to work closely with some of the top wedding photographers from around Ireland. We feel as a wedding video company that being able to also provide professional photographers is a key component to getting the best out of your wedding day. Our team along side trained photographers work in unison to create the best experience for our couples while allowing us to capture the days events with minimal fuss.

Video Editing

It’s all about the cut! The editing phase of your wedding film is the most important part as far as we are concerned. Its where everything comes together. Our editors have won awards here in Ireland for their film work and they take their craft very seriously. With our editors on the job you can guarantee your film will be something of beauty that flows nicely and is mixed with professionally produced music.

Who We Are

Stephen Bergin
Stephen Bergin
Stephen Bergin is a passionate videographer and director of White
Johnni Kha
Johnni Kha
Johnni Kha is a professional videographer and valued team member
Philip Donegan
Philip Donegan
Philip Donegan is a fully qualified professional, and dedicated video
Paul Condron
Paul Condron
Paul Condron has mastered the art of photography and he